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This website is dedicated to Dirk Wouter Immelman van Heerden born in Victoria West district, Northern Cape, South Africa. We are trying to locate and add members of our family as we find them and hope fully connect some folk. Any information on the extended van Heerden is welcome and will be added to the best of our abilities. -- Hierdie webwerf word toegewy aan Dirk Wouter Immelman van Heerden wat in die Victoria Wes distrik gebore is. Ons probeer om lede van ons familie op te spoor en by te voeg om n interessante stam boom op te bou. Enige inligting oor die van Heerden familie of verwante mense is welkom.

Feature Articles

feature 1 Martha van Heerden (Coetzer) Martha van Heerden - We are looking for information on Martha van Heerden (nee Coetzee or Coetzer) born in Durban, wife of Diogene Charlot van Heerden (1920 - 1973). Charlot was headmaster at one of the boys high schools in Durban, possibly in Westville at his death in 1973. Martha is a niece of Mimi Coetzer and grew up in Durban. She may have been working in the hospitality sector and may have moved to Cape Town some time after the death of Charlot.

feature 2 Sahratia Jeanette & Annamie van Heerden Sahratia Jeanette van Heerden (1923 - 1930?) Annamie van Heerden (1933 - 1938?) Daughters of Dirk Wouter Immelman & Magdalena Jacomina Petronella van Heerden We are looking for the graves of these two children. We believe they may have been buried on one of the farms in the Victoria West / Carnarvon district where Dirk and Magdalena lived. Both died of diphtheria (Witseerkeel)

feature 3 Johannes Lodewicus van Heerden We are looking for Johannes Lodewicus is the brother of my grandmother Magdalena Jacomina Petronella van Heerden. He may have lived in johannesburg and may have practiced as a attorney. Son of Johannes Lodewicus van Heerden & Susara Margaretha Magdalena de Klerk (Syferbult (Cypherbult), Victoria West, Northern Cape, South Africa) Please contact us if you have any information on Johannes

feature 4 GESLAGSREGISTER VAN DIE FAMILIE VAN HEERDEEN 1701 1968 Update We thank Marieta van Heerden for supplying us a copy of the GESLAGSREGISTER VAN DIE FAMILIE VAN HEERDEEN 1701 1968 deur Dr. Petronella van Heerden Hersiene Uitgawe 1701 - 2010 deur Francois van Heerden. It is going to be a great help in adding van Heerden folk to the website and hopefully help clear up some of the mistakes encountered in to original version.

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